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Podnuselák no. 3: Invitation

Pre-holiday Podnuselák no. 3 is coming! ? We keep on pointing out the fact that, besides its sports and recreation aspect, we put equal emphasis on Podnuselák’s community/neighbourly dimension, as fulfilled by its regular post-run get-together over a coffee, a soft drink or a dessert in the finish line. ☕️?

This is why, after due consideration, we have decided to modify the route slightly: ❗️THE START & THE FINISH ARE MOVED TO Osvěžovna Park Folimanka. ❗️ See the map for detailed route.
Podnuselák's new route

This brings us two benefits: (1) we’ll be starting and finishing inside the park, at a spot more agreeable than the previous busy starting point of a cycleway, and (2) the Osvěžovna bistro agreed to open at 9:30 for us, which means we can buy a coffee or a raspberry lemonade from them straight in the finish line.

We hope you like our update and are looking forward to seeing you at the starting line!?‍♂️?‍♀️


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