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WANTED: Co-organizers and Volunteers

Do you like Podnuselák? And would you like to help it grow and help us, through Podnuselák, to revive Nusle?

Podnuselák gives us joy and spreads the good name of our association. At the same time, we need to reinforce our organization team badly for the project to be able to grow on and run sustainably. And that’s why we’re looking for you!

You don’t have to worry about rash commitment – Podnuselák is being prepared purely on a voluntary basis, and we can’t and won’t force you to be available twelve times a year; however, we’d appreciate to be able to really use your capacity at least a few times a year. What is it that we need to help with?

? PHOTOGRAPHER: taking pictures at the finish line – no need to be a professional photographer or to own a camera (we can provide one); what we need is to have an appointed person at the finish line who’d take pictures of more or less all finishers; ideally, the photographer would then also collect photos from the other volunteers (marshals) taking pictures along the route and make a selection, but this part depends on agreement;

? MARSHAL: the least demanding but an important position – the marshal, in a reflective vest, stands at the route’s less clear spot and indicates the direction of the run; at the same time, the marshal’s reflective vest warns passers-by that an event is currently underway in the park (which is important e.g. at the cycle path section for the reason of security);

SECOND TIMEKEEPER (there are two timekeepers at the finish line, in order for them to be able to check their times): again, an undemanding but crucial role; the responsibility associated with it is not as big as it might seem – the point is for us to make sure that everybody’s time has been measured and that it has been measured correctly, but hundredths of seconds are not that important so you don’t need to worry that you could “ruin” something by being imprecise;

?‍? BACKUP MEDIC – Podnuselák always has a medic available in the event somebody suffers a minor graze, but we’d like to expand our database in case of her absence; we’re not necessarily looking for a doctorn but for an individual with a basic medical training who’d be able to ensure, if ever needed, essential treatment.

Other important tasks, especially as far as promotion, web administration or processing of the entry list and results are concerned, may be discussed, if you’re interested, once you find your bearings in our team and find out whether you like organizing Podnuselák and would like to step up your activity.

Thank you in advance for your help. Looking forward to meeting new colleagues!


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