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Podnuselák is changing!

?Podnuselák has lived through 15 instalments… and it might be the right time for reflection. The original idea of our run was based on parkrun, the global series of regular community runs, which we tried to follow closely. The last two runs with a rather low turnout make us think about Podnuselák’s further existence.

?We understand that the marked drop in turnout has a range of clear reasons (summer holidays, the weekend factor, the cautious post-epidemic times, the diminution of the expat community, etc.) and we don’t intend, by any means, to phase out the project that in which we have invested hundreds of hours of our time and loads of energy and commitment. Nevertheless, Podnuselák’s slow summer has reminded us of the fact that some of our runs were somewhat disproportionate in terms of their organizational requirements and their turnouts. After due consideration, we have concluded that, if Podnuselák is to be sustainable, it needs to adapt to the Czech temperament and the Czech calendar, and also to step up its variability.

?Therefore, we refrain from the tradition of regular weekend runs held every month. From now on, you can look foward to what we hope is a more attractive mixture: weekday afternoon runs, weekday night editions, occasional weekend runs, possibly one special-date run… and, we hope to add a brand-new off-Podnuselák edition! All those will be alternated each month to accommodate all groups’ time needs and to prevent you from getting bored with too much regularity. From now on, each date and time (and sometimes even the venue) will be a monthly surprise!


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