The Probuďme Nusle (“Let’s Revive Nusle”) association focuses on the development of that part of Prague and endeavours to become the initiator of local activities and organizer of various local projects in order to make our neighbourhood even more agreeable to live in. Above all, our association:

-supports community life and development of neighbourhood relations;

-organizes or helps to organize cultural and awareness events, community meetings and other activities supporting our association’s goal;

-supports environmental protection and incorporation of natural elements into the city’s urbanized landscape and cultivation of public space for the purposes of community interest;

-looks after public space and fosters its development, promotes community- and city-based gardening and farming;

-performs composting and other activities supporting natural elements in the city;

-communicates and participates in administrative and other proceedings where Nusle and its interest may be concerned.

The key project around which the association was formed is the Vnitroblok Mečislavova community garden, where we grow crops in plant boxes and organize regular neighbourly barbecue events or yoga lessons. Also, we organize Zažít Mečislavku jinak, the local part of the Different City Experience festival, we take part in the Ukliďme Česko project by organizing the local street-cleaning event, we cultivate Nusle’s flower beds, etc.